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Filsinger Energy Partners is a firm of experienced valuation experts in the financial, energy, and manufacturing sectors. Our staff includes Accredited Senior Appraisers with the American Society of Appraisers. Additionally, our research and analyses into clients’ valuation projects benefit from our decades of management and operations experience, relationships, and market insights.

FEP has taken market modeling to a new level. In general, models are only as good as the insights and information that go into them. Most databases that feed market models are based on readily available, mass-consumption information. FEP’s models, on the other hand, are developed from our high-level market insights and are based on data that we scrub to the smallest detail. We analyze and research market and regulatory details to enhance the data with our personal insights and industry experience. When FEP conducts analysis, our clients receive more than a software-generated chart; they get our deep market insights and knowledge.


THE RESULT: models that more accurately represent reality and the risks that you may face. Learn more about the solutions provided by our modeling technologies.




Filsinger Energy Partners has experience evaluating transmission and distribution assets, including the boots-on-the-ground field work required to visually inspect poles and lines in remote locations, all with the aim of evaluating a company’s overall infrastructure portfolio.


Today’s energy companies have installed and inherited transmission and distribution assets that are, in some cases, over 100 years old. As demand for energy continues increasing, each of these companies must not only find the energy resources to meet that demand, but also ensure that their delivery system is well maintained and that accurate records are kept for the system’s management. Often, these records and inspections are critical in the courtroom and in company valuations.


Filsinger Energy Partners (FEP) has helped companies to not only evaluate the condition of their assets but then to also use that data effectively in support of other company goals, such as depreciation estimates, cost analysis, tax value, and other value litigation. We deploy teams into the field to assess the condition of individual poles, lines, and corridors. Using the data from these personal inspections, we are able to confidently determine and defend the value of a company’s transmission and distribution assets.


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