FEP technical services offer the objectivity, know-how and business savvy to provide the deep insights our clients require. Other companies may be able to assess the technical integrity of an asset, but if the business numbers don’t also add up, the information may be useless.

FEP’s independent financial due diligence and technical services include:


  • Capital expenditure optimization

  • Operations and maintenance optimization

  • Operations and maintenance reviews

  • Review of project environmental compliance – expected and historical

  • Project condition assessments

  • New technology reviews

  • Project design reviews and assessment of expected performance

  • Capital expenditure plan review and development

  • Project cost validation and estimation

  • Validation and development of operating and maintenance budgets

  • Physical and economic useful life assessments

  • Age and replacement analysis



Filsinger Energy Partners (FEP) has experience evaluating transmission and distribution assets, including the boots-on-the-ground fieldwork required to visually inspect poles and lines in remote locations and a company’s overall infrastructure portfolio.


Today’s energy companies have installed and inherited transmission and distribution assets that are, in some cases, over 100 years old. As demand for energy increases, companies must not only find the energy resources to meet that demand but also ensure that their delivery system is well maintained and that accurate system management records are kept. Often, these records and inspections are critical in the courtroom and in company valuations.


FEP has helped companies to not only evaluate the condition of their assets but to also use that data effectively in support of other company goals, such as depreciation estimates, cost analysis, tax value, and other value litigation. We deploy teams into the field to assess the condition of individual poles, lines, and corridors. Using the data from these personal inspections – and often from drone fly-overs – we can confidently determine and defend the value of a company’s transmission and distribution assets.


FEP has a reputation for delivering leading environmental services during all project phases. Our senior consultants have extensive experience in project planning and development, risk and liability analysis, and compliance review and documentation.


Today’s energy companies are constantly challenged to predict, respond to and succeed in an exceedingly complex and expanding regulatory environment. The experts at Filsinger Energy Partners have the depth and breadth of experience to provide a full range of innovative advisory, assessment, and planning assistance for environmental aspects of fossil-fuel and renewable energy sources.


Our senior consultants have extensive experience at the intersection of regulatory and technical issues within complex and emerging federal and state statutes, including recent and anticipated rulemaking under the Clean Power Plan; Regional Haze and CSAPR; Coal Combustion Residuals and changes to 316(b) for water intake compliance strategies.