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Introducing Filsinger Technical Services
A Filsinger Energy Partners sister company


Filsinger Energy Partners (FEP) is proud to introduce its sister company, Filsinger Technical Services (FTS), providing the same level of excellence that our clients have come to expect, but with a different focus. FTS works with power generation companies to transform their assets into financial success stories.


“FTS sets itself apart thanks to the strength and experience of our team of advisors,” explains Todd Filsinger, Senior Managing Director of FEP. “Our advisors know what success looks like based on their multiple years of boots-on-the-ground experience in the industry, including operating, maintaining, and managing power generation facilities at both the corporate and plant levels.”


FTS services include:

  • Align Plant Performance with Market Needs:

    • A four-phased approach to assess the current state of the asset, identify performance gaps relative to the key business drivers, develop and implement a plan to close the gaps, and enable sustained performance.

    • Facilitate development and execution of strategy to safely and economically flex the units to fit the current requirements of the ever-changing energy market.

  • Plant Assessment: On-site review of the condition of the facility, plant preparedness for all operating conditions, emergency management planning, and more. We help determine: Readiness for an asset sale or acquisition, Preparedness of an asset for the next weather season, and Status of Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

  • Leadership Development: A 10-month program designed to invest in key leaders who are expected to deliver results and step into the next level of leadership within the organization.


Cliff Watson, Director of FTS, adds, “As a sister company to FEP, the FTS advisors also have access to FEP's power market expertise, models and data to provide a holistic view of industry trends.”


For more information on FTS, call +1.303.974.5884 or email


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