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FEP: Industry Leaders
Delivering Exclusive Insights


We have built proprietary modeling tools upon which our industry experts can apply, calibrate and test their unique insights.


We selectively recruit and hire energy experts who possess executive-level experience in the sectors we serve. 


By applying their experience and insider knowledge to our advanced technologies, FEP’s industry experts deliver exclusive insights to our clients.

Nuclear Power Plant
Valuation and Appraisals

FEP is one of the few energy consulting firms with ASA Accredited Senior Appraisers.

Corporate Services and Management


FEP experts have worked as interim management executives and led many of the energy industry’s major restructurings over the last 20 years.

Litigation Support

FEP has provided expert testimony before the FERC, federal, state and local jurisdictions, as well as international tribunals.

Energy and Commodity Analysis


FEP offers market analysis, forecasting and evaluation of established, renewable and emerging energy opportunities.

Filsinger Technical Services 


Filsinger Energy Partners is proud to introduce its wholly owned subsidiary, Filsinger Technical Services, providing the same level of excellent quality our clients have come to expect, but with a different focus. FTS works with power generation companies to transform their assets into financial success stories.

Mining Operations Support 


FEP's mining operations support services identify uneconomic operating practices, lower operation costs, and CapEx, and improve performance.

Vegetation Management


FEP vegetation management programs improve cost efficiency, service reliability, and public safety for energy and liability insurance companies

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