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Benson Joe

Associate Director

Benson Joe has over 20 years of experience in the electric power industry focused on wholesale electric market price forecasting, integrated resource planning (IRP), renewable energy finance, and microgrids. Mr. Joe is a trusted advisor to the major players in the power industry supporting sustainable clean energy and investments in electric power infrastructure. Prior to working at Filsinger Energy Partners (FEP), Mr. Joe led the Grid Edge Advisory practice for Hitachi ABB Power Grids and was a Manager at Black & Veatch Management Consulting. Some highlights in those previous roles include: building fundamental market modeling teams, managing over a dozen resource planning engagements, supporting litigation related to Aliso Canyon natural gas storage leak, a power supply analysis for the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant (Nebraska), and an Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) study for the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Since joining FEP, Mr. Joe has performed a marginal cost analysis commissioned by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), helps lead the power market modeling team, and provides expertise on power markets across all NERC regions. Mr. Joe has also been involved as a power market advisor supporting the California Governor’s Office analyzing root causes for rolling blackouts during the summer of 2020 and is working with the Governor’s Office on developing a whitepaper examining California’s path toward establishing a reliable, safe, and decarbonized energy ecosystem.    


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