Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy Services

Filsinger Energy Partners has the experience and insights in renewable technologies and market impacts to help you plan for a successful future. We can make a dynamic marketplace manageable and productive.

The professionals at Filsinger Energy Partners have experience in the renewable energy sector, providing everything from market impact assessments to regulatory and financial analysis. Let us help you with the following:

  • Renewable Portfolio Standards: We have helped utilities and financial participants to forecast the impact of the renewable buildouts on their existing generation portfolios, including assessment of reliability concerns and market pricing impacts.

Price Impacts

  • Net metering: The rapid growth of distributed generation and residential solar energy usage has furthered the challenges in the energy marketplace. FEP professionals have advised utilities with financial projections, impact load forecasting, rate case analysis, and more. We also help municipalities grapple with the dual goals of increased renewable energy availability while also assuring reliability.
  • Renewable Technology Costs: Falling capital costs and continuing tax incentives for renewable technologies have brought the economic balance between renewables and fossil generation closer to parity. FEP professionals have experience evaluating and forecasting renewable technology costs to help you better plan for the future.

Solar Costs

  • Facility Maintenance Outlooks: As the wind and solar fleet ages, there is uncertainty regarding the maintenance and capital that will be required. FEP can assist you with managing these risks while making actionable forecasts of future impacts.
  • Renewable Energy Credits: FEP has analyzed REC pricing and structures in all of the U.S. markets and we understand the impacts that regulatory actions will have on future development.

FEP is uniquely positioned to help developers and lenders with technical and financial due diligence to support financing.

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