FStack Analysis

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Filsinger Energy Partners (FEP) has developed an exclusive generating-unit dispatch analysis tool called FStack.

FStack Analysis

FStack creates a dispatch curve for a region and plots specific units so that you can see a unit’s or portfolio’s competitive position under different scenarios.

Wind EnergyFStack features:

  • Individual or collective regional views
  • Month-by-month and year-by-year future views
  • User-input or FEP-derived commodity forecasts
  • User-input or FEP-derived load forecasts
  • Sensitivity to carbon pricing
  • Renewable capacity de-rates
  • Sensitivity to additional future renewable development
  • Sensitivity to regional energy imports
  • Ability to include/exclude plants in various stages of development
  • Information on the effective marginal price, market heat rate and fuel on margin

Corporate Portfolio View

  • View the relative dispatch positions of a company’s entire portfolio of assets
  • Query the operating characteristics of individual power generating units


FStack Portfolio View

FStack User Interface

  • FStack has a friendly user interface
  • FStack provides a portfolio overview

FStack User Interface

FStack Portfolio Overview


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