Oil & Natural Gas Operating & Evaluation Services

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Oil & Natural Gas Operating & Evaluation Services

Filsinger Energy Partners’ skilled professionals have hands-on experience in managing the complexities encountered within the day-to-day operations of the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry.

Oil and Gas

The commodities of crude oil and natural gas have historically exhibited high levels of price volatility. This price volatility creates a natural ebb and flow of business cycles as high commodity prices accelerate exploration, drilling rig deployment, the number of well completions, the demand for gathering systems and pipelines, financing capital and higher economically recoverable reserve levels. Alternatively, low commodity prices significantly dampen exploration, drilling rigs are stacked in yards generating no revenue, service companies experience financial distress, pipelines are rationalized, economically recoverable reserve levels decrease, and the probability of financial distress in all sectors of the industry increases.

The seasoned professionals at Filsinger Energy Partners have hands-on experience with these complexities, including exploration and production companies, drilling contractors, well service companies, commodity gathering and transportation entities, financing these capital intensive activities, or the financial reporting of results and reserve levels.

Our team has the capability to assist both companies in the industry as well as companies that invest in the industry to navigate these potentially volatile business cycles including:

  • Understanding drilling and production risks and the downstream impact on exploration and production companies, as well as drilling and service companies
  • Evaluating risk tolerances and converting that view into coordinated actions
  • Negotiating commodity and operating contracts
  • Managing leasehold and operating partner relationships
  • Assessing daily operating activities
  • Predicting future operating cash flows and capital expenditures
  • Comprehending the myriad of financial reporting nuances related to reserve estimates and the results from operations

If you seek an independent advisor who can help you to understand and position a company for success within the oil & natural gas industry, contact Filsinger Energy Partners. We have experience in the board room and the court room that enables us to successfully guide you through the industry challenges and position you for long-term success.

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