Liquefied Natural Gas Services

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Liquefied Natural Gas Services

Filsinger Energy Partners understands the entire liquefied natural gas lifecycle as well as the related economics to help you prepare for the potential impacts of this emerging opportunity.

Horizontal drilling and fracking have revolutionized the energy landscape. With an abundance of cheap natural gas, companies have begun to focus on the opportunities and challenges that a growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) export market may bring. Will LNG be the energy market disruptor that so many have been expecting? With today’s natural gas prices, companies are scrambling to exploit the tremendous opportunities created by price spreads between the United States and the rest of the world. As our export facilities continue in various stages of development, how will the domestic and international economics change?

LNG Lifecycle

Filsinger Energy Partners has evaluated the LNG lifecycle, including the economics of each stage of production, transportation and delivery. We can help you determine whether margins will remain strong as the marketplace evolves, or whether developing exports will put pressure on domestic natural gas pricing.

FEP understands the market dynamics and players to help evaluate and forecast the impacts.

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