Integrated Resource Planning

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Filsinger Energy Partners has the expertise, custom analysis tools and industry insights to create a thorough, nuanced, actionable IRP for your utility and stakeholders.

Integrated Resource Planning

In today’s world, the traditional demand for reliable power supplies has been complicated by the need for sustainability through renewables, a renewed focus on conservation, increasing distributed generation and stricter environmental compliance regulations. Utilities are expected to create long-range Integrated Resource Plans (IRP) that consider these complex factors.

IRP Chart

IRPs are further complicated by the expectations of different stakeholders, including:

  • Customers who want low-cost, reliable and environmentally friendly power
  • Creditors who want certainty of cash flows and debt coverage
  • Equity groups that want some surety of a fair rate-of-return

Further, while IRPs must meet the complexities of the current global and local environment, they must also include a cost-effective action plan. Simply put, the analysis must consider the practical applications of the findings.

The IRP process involves so many volatile and intricate steps, issues and analyses that it can consume a utility’s resources.

Our IRP Process Includes:

  • Stakeholder input process
  • Load forecast
  • Demand-side management and energy efficiency opportunities
  • Demand response programs and the impact of innovative rate structures
  • The impact of Smart Grid technologies
  • Existing Resource review, including:
    • Fuel mix
    • Locational value
    • Condition and economic life
    • Environmental compliance and sustainability
    • Potential for retrofits
    • Potential for retirement
    • Brownfield development options
  • Future supply-side resources
    • Renewable energy options (wind/solar/wave technologies)
    • Gas-fired technologies (advanced turbines for combined-cycle and peaking applications)
    • LNG/CNG options
    • Fuel availability
  • System-wide environmental compliance
  • Fuel availability/deliverability and diversity

Our process is supported by our core competencies:

Actionable Report

Finally, the FEP team prides itself on providing user-friendly, actionable IRP reports so that all of your stakeholders can easily digest the information and reach agreement quickly. FEP’s diverse, seasoned staff provides the necessary tools to provide you with a state-of-the-art, executable IRP.