Geothermal Services

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Filsinger Energy Partners has experience in the geothermal industry, including decline curve forecasting, power market analysis, interim management, restructuring and evaluation of emerging technologies.

Geothermal Services

Geothermal energy continues to be a significant player in our nation’s renewable energy portfolio thanks to new technologies and better development of the vast resources available. Companies that participate in this industry need partners who not only understand the business and technology of geothermal resources, extraction and conversion to power, but who also possess insights into the nation’s overall power market.

Additionally, geothermal energy companies need partners who can help navigate the promising new synergies developing with the oil and gas industry. Filsinger Energy Partners can help you take advantage of the many opportunities facing the geothermal industry today while managing your risk to achieve efficiency. For geothermal assets that are financially challenged, especially those facing unexpected resource declines, we can help bridge the financial gap between investment and long-term expectations through financial and operational expertise.

The professionals at Filsinger Energy Partners have provided the following energy services:

  • Optimization of geothermal assets
  • Restructuring of geothermal assets
  • Optimization of steam field operations
  • Operations and management of geothermal assets
  • Geotechnical analysis of geothermal resources
  • Resource assessment
  • Decline curve forecasting
  • Power generation technology analysis
  • Power market analysis
  • Appraisal and valuation
  • Expert testimony

Significant opportunity

There remain significant undeveloped geothermal resources across the United States. Filsinger Energy Partners understands the benefits, risks and challenges of geothermal energy and can help you tap into this singular opportunity.

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