Ethanol Services

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The professionals at Filsinger Energy Partners have experience with ethanol and a successful track record to help you achieve your financial and operational goals.

Ethanol Services

The United States is the world’s largest producer of ethanol and, as the industry continues to develop, ethanol manufacturers face continuous, complex change in the marketplace. Ethanol facilities are rife with risks and are challenging to operate, both technically and fiscally. Managing crush spreads in the face of highly volatile commodity markets requires keen insights into the industry, the competition, the plant’s capabilities and the future.

Ethanol production is in constant transition. As new technologies are deployed, the capital required to operate them long-term is uncertain. FEP can help you manage your risk as we also enable you to improve plant and trading efficiency.

The professionals at Filsinger Energy Partners have served in senior management roles and have managed ethanol facility operations, including:

  • Ethanol crush spreads from corn and other advanced feedstocks
  • Conventional, advanced and cellulosic ethanol operations, including conversion analysis
  • Transport agreements in constrained environments
  • Renewable Identification Number (RIN) trading programs
  • Environmental Protection Agency regulations
  • Complex and sensitive relationships with farmers and the local citizens

Ethanol Facility

Case Study: Hawkeye Growth

Todd Filsinger and the FEP team provided the executive management of Hawkeye Growth, LLC. Hawkeye Growth was a 220-million-gallon-per-year ethanol production company with two production facilities in Iowa employing approximately 50 people. Experts from Filsinger Energy Partners acted as CEO, CFO and operations supervisor at Hawkeye Growth and provided other supporting functions. We were responsible for all activities of the company including the production, sale and transport of ethanol.

During this interim role, the management team, led by Filsinger Energy Partners, managed Hawkeye Growth’s operations, margins and cash flow while addressing complex third-party contractual issues, critical employment issues and significant environmental matters. Filsinger Energy Partners’ efforts culminated in the sale of the Hawkeye Growth facilities to Flint Hills Resources. Upon completion of the sale, the interim management team conducted a successful transition to the new owner and the incoming management team.