Compensation Metrics

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Filsinger Energy Partners has significant experience in helping companies to develop, assess and defend their employee compensation plans, including executive long-term bonus incentive programs, annual incentive plans (AIPs), key employee incentive plans, commercial incentive plans and safety incentive plans.

Executive and Staff Compensation

Increased market competitiveness and public and shareholder scrutiny, among other things, have led to a paradigm shift in the way that companies build their executive and staff compensation plans. Companies that incentivize their executives with bonuses must develop those plans upon a foundation of quantifiable metrics of success.

Filsinger Energy Partners has experience helping energy companies to develop defensible compensation plans.

In reviewing and developing key metrics, FEP compares a company against its peers in the industry, competitiveness in the market place and analyzes historical performance, in addition to other benchmark considerations. FEP also assesses the expenditures against the performance of the company and the condition of the assets.

The professionals at Filsinger Energy Partners have provided the following compensation metric services:

  • Key employee and insider compensation plan development
  • Expert testimony before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in defense of Executive Compensation plans and compensation metrics
  • Design and review of executive and key employee compensation metrics
  • In-depth analysis of plan metrics
  • Development of market tested metrics

If you seek an independent advisor who can help you to develop quantifiable, defensible compensation plans for your executives and key employees, contact Filsinger Energy Partners. We have experience in the board room and the court room that enables us to successfully guide you through the potential pitfalls commonly associated with executive bonus plans.